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04.12.2022 / Academy Museum, Work, Digital Strategy
An Academy Museum Way

The museum's goal is pretty straightforward: to build the world’s premier institution dedicated to the art and science of movies. My work as Associate Curator for Digital Presentation sits both within and parallel to that, and includes a range of sub-goals:

  • Create digital experiences that advance the organization’s pressing, day-to-day needs—curatorial, pedagogical, financial, membership visiter service-related, and so on—while also conveying the full scope of its institutional ambitions.
  • Treat the museum’s digital platforms as curatorial and editorial spaces in their own right.
  • Craft experiences that are diverse (A) and inclusive of the museum’s multiple surrounding contexts such as the communities of filmmaking practice on whose work the museum rests, and the interlocking network of distinct visitor groups and identities the Museum will engage—local, ethnic, gender, national, age, and so on.
  • Craft experiences that are diverse (B) in the sense of also being formally and experientially varied. Just as visitors to the Museum’s physical galleries will encounter objects, text, graphics, time-based media, immersive spaces, live events, and more, users of our app and website should be offered a similarly wide range of ways to engage with “the many stories of the movies—their art, technology, artists, history, and social impact.”
  • Develop an "Academy Museum way" - what is the Academy Museum way of doing digital?

In order to answer that last question, I have been keeping a running tally of things our digital experiences "do." It is by no means intended as an exhaustive list, but it gives us an initial framework for thinking about what is happening on our platforms. These are all visitor facing, and the next step to think about different categories of visitors, as well as audiences who will never visit the museum.